Krook is a creative studio located in Ghent, Belgium serving custom lettering & design solutions.

Founded by designer/illustrator Matthias De Vylder, the lettering passion has grown out of a fascination for graffiti where letterforms are shaped to create an identity for the writer.
The sense of identity graffiti writing provided is now continued by helping people with ideas build a brand for their project.

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Lettering in Branding

Custom Lettering in Branding

The main focus of Krook is (re)creating a visual identity that captures a brands character and is specifically crafted for its target audience.
Hand crafted care and lots of attention to detail allows to consciously be in control over the look and feel of a logo.
This way we’re working to align the visual character of the logo and the character of your brand.

Depending on the needs for your project (we can figure this out together), the logo can be used as a solid foundation for more elements to complete the brand’s visual identity.


I’m a strong believer in curiosity as a driving force in our human evolution.
Curiosity is a never ending source of inspiration and motivates the experimentation with new tools and materials.
Together with a strong technical background in woodworking and large format printing this character treat leads itself to the creation of a wide scope of products.

The main theme in Krook’s product design is the appreciation of this precious gift called life.

(First collection in the making.)


Typism 3

Typism: book 3  (2016)
Selected work: ‘Always Pushing’

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